About me…

I am a classic East Asian beauty with a youthful face and a petite figure. I think my best features are my luscious dark hair and soft, supple skin. I also get a lot of compliments on my coquettish smile. I am all natural with no piercing or tattoos.

I am educated in the STEM field but I am also a true dilettante. I embrace a variety of interests from arts to politics. We can sit inside and converse about everything and anything while sipping bourbon, or go out and enjoy performances, exhibits, and much more that the city has to offer. A creative by nature, I have my own artistic pursuits, but above all I embody the art of life.

I am well-travelled but I still have many more places I want to visit. I adore the sky-high city lights of New York City, bustling market of Hanoi, and the deep blue ocean of Positano, but I feel that I haven’t explored much of my beloved home country outside of Seoul. So little time, so many places to be!

At twenty six years of age, I am maturing into a sophisticated woman, but I still retain some of my girlish charm. Always poised but also effervescent, I can brighten up your day after a tiresome week. Whether you want a refined evening or a light-hearted matinée, you will find what you desire.

So take a chance and let me invite you…

Let’s have a ball.

More Things to Know About Me

  • I watched every episode of every season of Criminal Minds multiple times.
  • My love for music is wide-ranging. I am a huge fan of Latin music, but I also frequent live jazz clubs and techno clubs.
  • My favorite painters are J. C. Leyendecker and Alphonse Mucha. My favorite contemporary artist is Loish.
  • I am a reader of all kinds of books, but I especially like early 20th century American literature. My favorite authors include Edith Wharton and Jack London.

I like...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you speak English so well?

I had the privilege of being raised by well educated parents who were very invested in my education. They understood that English proficiency was something that was going to benefit me no matter what I chose to do in life and raised me to be bilingual.

What will you wear?

If we are going to an event or a venue that has dress code, I will dress accordingly. If not, I will dress casually unless you have a specific request. If you have an outfit request, please make an advance notice so I can be prepared.

How do I know you/your pictures are real?

I have a curated online presence, something scammers don't bother to create. My pictures are recent and minimally edited. I do not send additional "verification" pictures; please don't request them.

Do you offer duos?

My provider friends are mostly overseas, but if you have another provider in Korea who is open to a duo session with me, I will gladly join in at my regular rate.

Do you see someone who is (race, age, gender, etc.)?

I do not discriminate against anyone over the age of 19 on any basis.

Why do you hide your face? / Can I see your face pictures?

I get that you want to see who you're meeting. I really do. But I am very protective of my privacy, and many of my clients appreciate that I will not be recognized from my online presence when we are in public. Please don't ask for face pictures. None of my clients have ever been disappointed by my face.

Do you do XYZ?

I would love to communicate my boundaries clearly, but due to various concerns, I tend to refrain from publishing the details on my website. I only share such details via e-mail, preferrably a ProtonMail account.

May I leave a review?

I appreciate reviews on platforms I advertise on. If you wish to leave a review on The Erotic Review, I ask that you consult me beforehand.