I was born and raised in Seoul.

I am well-traveled, but I will always be a Seoul girl. I know the city like the back of my hand. I can be your tour guide and show you around the city. I know many places that are great for dates. You will get to know the city better while we get to know each other.

I am educated and fully bilingual.

My first language is Korean but I am often complimented on how flawless my English is. If you speak English as well, we can converse easily. We can have a great time talking about sophisticated matters. At the same time while we are out and about, I can interact with other people, like the staff at restaurants, in Korean. I can maybe teach you a little bit of Korean as well.

I am verified across multiple platforms.

I am photo verified on Massage Republic, EuroGirls Escort, Top Escort Babes, etc. My identity is verified by Preferred 411. So you know I am real and I am the person in my pictures.

I am attentive and versatile.

I respond to your energy and your desire. Want a wild and exciting night? You’re in for a ride. Want a sensuous and intimate experience to help you relax? I will be your sultry seductress. You will find what you seek in Jina.

I take good care of myself and I am always on a journey of self-improvement.

Whether it is going to the gym or reading a book, I always want to be better today than the person I was yesterday. This means that on every date with me, you will get the best that I’ve ever been.

I am authentic.

I am often told that I am shy. It is true. But this is because I don’t fake my actions or emotions. I am not saying that a person who is instantly very friendly is faking it, but for me, I just prefer to get to know each other a little bit in a calm manner in the beginning. It only takes a few minutes of conversation to get me to open up.

I offer utmost discretion with airtight op-sec.

I use NordVPN with Tor. My devices are encrypted. My contact@datejina.com email is set up with ProtonMail, a secure email service. I offer messaging over end-to-end encrypted messengers like Signal. I accept cryptocurrency payments. I invest heavily in security because I value my clients’ privacy. Your information is always safe with me.

Most importantly… my butt looks good.

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Are you convinced? Please use my contact page to book your Jina experience. Let me be your Seoul companion.