Jina Park Seoul Escort

My First Tour

I just returned from my very first tour as a companion. It was as successful as I had hoped.

Many companions consider administrative work a more boring aspect of the business, but for me it is a lot of fun. So planning for tour was exciting for me. I had some anxiety about security with all the anti-sex work policies in USA, but fortunately I didn’t encounter any issues.

I had some issues with advertising, though. Slixa decided that I “appear too young” for their platform, despite me sending in age verification. They banned me from their site completely. Private Delights just never approved my account, even though I sent in my verification e-mail twice. I still got enough requests thanks to Tryst and Switter. They gave me enough traffic that I decided I didn’t even need to advertise on notorious Eros.

US gentlemen were great. Even before I got there, the pre-booking process all went smoothly. For the most part they were compliant with screening and everyone I met was kind and respectful. I also had very few cancellations and only 1 person cancelled last minute without paying the cancellation fee.

The tour still took a toll on me. I was working a bit more than usual and moving from city to city was not easy. Not to mention being surrounded in a less familiar environment. But I made it through all the way.

I came back feeling empowered and excited for another tour. Where will I be next? I’m still deciding so e-mail me if you want me in your area!

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