Jina Park Seoul Escort


These are my rates in Korea. For tour rates, please check the tours page.

hors d’oeuvre

up to 1 hour

300,000KRW / 300USD

à la carte

2 hours

500,000KRW / 500USD

table d’hôte

4 hours

(2 hours social + 2 hours private)

800,000KRW / 750USD

repas complet

6 hours

(2 or more hours social + rest in private)

1,500,000KRW / 1300USD

séjour d’une nuit

overnight (up to 14 hours)


ménage à trois

couples – 150% of my rate

escort duet – my rate + theirs


  • We can meet anywhere in Seoul. I can travel to other Korean cities to see you if my schedule permits. Refer to my travel fees list below.
  • Both incall and outcall offered.
  • My rates are NOT negotiable. Please do not ask.
  • In-date extensions are 250,000 KRW or 250 USD.
  • If you cancel same day, $200 cancellation fee applies. If you no-show without contacting me to cancel, 100% of the USD donation is due.
  • I ask for a small deposit on both incalls and outcalls that are deducted from donations and cancellation fees.
  • You may choose to forego the deposit, but bookings without deposits can be cancelled by me at any time.
  • If you cancel, deposit is forfeited unless you show documents like a doctor’s note. In the unlikely event that I have to cancel a deposited booking, the deposit will be refunded immediately.
  • Cash is the most preferred form of payment.
  • Bitcoin is accepted, however due to the not-so-instantaneous nature of cryptocurrency transactions, at least half of the payment must be paid and cleared before the meeting.
  • Credit cards accepted via third party payment processor. USD rates apply.
  • I accept e-gift cards for pre-payments. USD rates apply.


  • Please leave my donation in an unsealed envelope in a plain view on a desk or a table.
  • Please be freshly showered when we meet.
  • Please do not request discounts. My rates are fixed and non-negotiable.

Travel Fees

Travel fees are to be paid in advance electronically. If you are uncomfortable with advance payments, you will have to see me in Seoul or see someone else. I do not travel without receiving the fee first.

Gyeonggido / Incheon 100USD
Gangwondo / Daejeon / Chungcheongdo 150USD
Jeollado / Gwangju / Busan / Ulsan / Daegu / Gyeongsangdo 200USD
Jejudo 450USD